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Hello there! Since this is my introductory entry for my first blog, I suppose it would be nice for you as the reader to know a little bit about me. I am a 35 year old female and I am addicted to lifelong learning.  So much so; that since the age of 7, I have attended school and have never given up on learning. That’s right folks, 28 years of structured institutional learning. That learning can be translated into one high school diploma, one Bachelor of Arts in psychology with a concentration in Neuroscience, one diploma of dental hygiene and one Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Not to mention the numerous skills, hobbies and useful life   knowledge that I have acquired from books, the internet and other resources that occurred in the informal setting of my day to day life.

I can honestly tell you that I can have a love affair with a book and crave knowledge like some people do chocolate or alcohol, for me learning is to feel alive. So as a result I feel that I   could say I consider myself to be a connoisseur of learning and teaching.

Oh yes, my long academic has lead me to become quite the discriminating enthusiast of education, through my many years of “shopping” for knowledge at various universities. I have become intimately acquainted with the good, the bad and the ugly of teaching in formal education institutes. The bad and ugly being the monotone draining on of a bored professor reading word for word of a power point presentation that he has prepared, on a subject that the professor is not the least bit excited about sharing with the class. To the other end of the spectrum where the lecturer is passionate, witty and downright entertaining. I strongly believe that latter impacts learn, Well that is obvious your probably thinking to yourself, Well I ask you, if it is so obvious, why is there so little value and emphasis put on it when hiring teachers in formal education settings, if we have better teachers, we will end up with better students, which is why I am in this masters of education program. To presently become a better learner and thus in the future become a better teacher!


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